Sunday, December 15, 2019

About Us

Knowledge Career Academy, Transforming Careers

A Quality Education has the power to transform societies in a single generation, provide children with the protection they need against hazards of poverty, labour, exploitation and disease and give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to reach their full potential”

Knowledge Academy understands that in the current competitive scenario, our students must possess professional qualification to remain ahead in career race. Hence we have chosen Test-Preparation model which enables students acquire Indian as well as global professional qualifications in the areas of Accounting, Financial Management, Personal Financial Planning, Cost & Management Accounting and Corporate & other allied laws.

Our Test-preparation model is not any other “tuition classes” as we believe in not just “tutoring” the students to pass the examinations but “mentoring” them to become all-round professionals. We have completely redefined the paradigm of test-preparation through the quality of faculty team, our pedagogy which lay equal emphasis on concepts and application, vibrant & modern infrastructure and lot of extra-curricular activities to make our students well-rounded professional.

At Knowledge Academy, we aim to provide education and training that is all rounded, which not only improves practical know how, upgrades skills but also leads to professional qualification that will translate into better career prospects for students and enhanced productivity for employers.

The key driver for setting up Knowledge Academy is the fact that our education system does give degree but unfortunately such degrees do not necessarily lead to build the careers of the students. And hence we have resolved to create differentiated education model, a model which does not focus only on awarding degree but is also committed to building career of the students.

Vision :

At Knowledge Academy we will set the pace in delivery of fast, focused and effective training and continuous learning services that improves practical know-how, upgrades skills and leads to professional qualifications that will translate into better career prospects for students and enhanced productivity for employers and to do this by engaging good faculty and adopting transparent processes combined with the best breed of educational practices and courses.


  • To Impart Skill Based Education to students to make more effective and productive employees and enhance their market value and earning potential.
  • To counsel students to choose right career based on their interest, ability and aptitude with the help of scientifically designed career assessment tool.
  • To be an education provider for helping students and professionals domestic and global post-graduation and professional certification courses.
  • To be an education provider for helping students to prepare for various competitive exams for building careers in government and public sector organizations.
  • To provide one-stop solution to students aspiring to study abroad.
  • Provide a learning environment for not just acquiring knowledge but also overall development in personality, confidence, work ethics, professionalism and motivation.
  • We conclude by conveying that at Knowledge Academy, we believe in